XBlades Media House is a World Class Cinematic FPV Agency & Production Hub

“The fusion of talent and technology”


XBlades Media House is an award-winning creative hub that specialises in First Person View (FPV) drone filming for the creative and production industry.  

The XBlades Group was founded in 2015, just as drone technology was beginning to thrive when Richard De Aragues, an acclaimed film director was captivated by the capabilities of drones through his work.  

Since then Richard has created a brand that has not only become multiple World Drone Racing Champions but pioneered Cinematic FPV. The XBlades brand has been at the core of a whole new filming culture, disrupting the media industry with game changing technology.

XBlades Media House represent a world class collective of FPV Cinematographers known as ‘The FPV Circle’.

The FPV Circle has been responsible for some of the most innovative, jaw dropping FPV content creation, and introduces a new breed of film makers who are constantly striving to achieve memorable imagery.


Drones are playing an increasingly important role in the filming industry to produce beautiful imagery but in most cases, the drones are flown ‘line of sight’

Our pilots fly “First-person view” (FPV) which means they wear video goggles connected to a camera in the drone and fly as if they are sitting on-board the cockpit of the drone.  

This allows for a more fluid, dynamic flight, in a wide range of areas of ground and aerial filming e.g. following race cars around a track, mountain bikers through a tight treeline and freestyle skiers over jumps.

FPV Production is cost effective as it requires a smaller agile crew than traditional filming.  

“XBlades capture every dramatic shot” … Faster, closer, seemingly impossible.

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