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Leo is an aerial videographer, mainly flying FPV and racing drones for a range of film work. He started as a drone racing pilot for the XBlades racing team and has a huge knowledge base on drones, electronics and air laws in the UK from his 7 years of experience. 

He is a PfCO holder and is also a OFQual Level 4 certified pilot.

Since 2015 he has worked with some of the most highly rated brands within the industry, either as a promoter / sponsored pilot, or as a product tester; he works closely with these brands and understands all aspects of drones as well as the R&D that goes into inventing equipment. This gives him the edge as he not only flies FPV but has been part of the design process for individual components.

He has worked with brands such as Thorpe park, Airsports and CrowdStrike as well as people such as Lewis Hamilton

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