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Sergi is the CEO of SIMTechPro, designers, manufacturers & distributors of simulation & virtual reality gear. This gives him a technological advantage as not only is he a talented & reliable FPV cinematographer, he is an innovator constantly pushing tech to get the best possible cameras on a drone.

Sergi has been flying drones since 2012, starting with racing quads, as well as long range and freestyle, he is now an experienced pilot, able to fly all sizes of quads.  In 2018, Sergi became an FPV cinematographer full time, and has since worked with the likes of Rafael Nadal for the Mallorca Tourism Board and Fernando Alonso for Ford Racing. Recently he has been working with leading directors for Netflix including Alex Pina (Casa del Papel) & Action Director Daniel Calparsoro.

He is passionate & dedicated about his work, and will work infinite hours to get the shot.

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